Wood pellets

We produce and sell the wood pellets and fuel pellets for use as an alternative fuel made of the wood waste.

Wood fuel pellets are drier and denser than wood, so combustion energy emitted by its closer to those of coal, fuel oil and other carbon fuels.

We produce wood pellets with special equipment under pressure and at high temperatures. Therefore, they do not have dust, they do not cause allergic reactions and is not explosive.

The merit of pellets:

  • Effectiveness of energy
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Гипоаллергенность
  • Low ash content
  • Not explosive
  • Accessibility

Delivery conditions:

Delivery by road dtransport on CIP and FCA

Containers 40 feet from the ports – Klaipeda, Riga

Exports to the countries:

  • EEC (Belgium, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and others.)
  • Africa and Asia: China, Egypt, Korea, India, Vietnam and others.
  • CIS: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and others.
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