Sawn timber

We produce and sell on the export of a variety of timber hardwood and softwood:

  • trimmed and untrimmed boards of oak and birch
    The length of 1000-5000mm
    Width of 120mm
    Thickness 25/32/35/38/50/54
    1-3 sort
  • Planks of spruce pine and alder
    The length from 0,5 to 6 m
    Width from 65 to 96 mm
    Thickness: 12,5mm; 14mm; 15mm
    Sort: extra, А, АВ, В, С
  • Planks of spruce and pine
    The length from 0,5 to 6 m
    Width 96 mm
    Thickness: 12,5 mm
    Sort: А, АВ, В, С.
  • outdoor siding of spruce and pine
    The length from 1 to 6 m
    Width from 96 190 mm
    Thickness: 20/27/30/36 mm
    Sort: А, АВ, В, С
  • timber from spruce, pine
    The length from 3 to 6 m
    Dimensions 50х50/ 50х100/ 50х150/ 100х100/ 100х150/ 150х150 mm
  • baseboards, trims, corners, etc.

Sawn timber can be supplied as a natural humidity and dry.

Delivery conditions:

Delivery by road dtransport on CIP and FCA

Containers 40 feet from the ports – Klaipeda, Riga

Exports to the countries:

  • EEC(Belgium, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and others.)
  • Africa and Asia: China, Egypt, Korea, India, Vietnam and others.
  • CIS: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and others.
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