OSB panels

We sell OSB, made of coarse wood chips.

OSB panels are used:

  1. For the frame covering the roof.
  2. OSB panels are used for rapid floor screeds before laying parquet, laminate.
  3. Formwork installation.
  4. Installing the partitions in the accommodations.
  5. Planking for building facades.
  6. As an element of a structure building one or two floors constructions.
  7. Produceing closed containers or pallets for the transportaition.
  8. OSB panels used in stalls, stands construction.
  9. The floor decking in vehicles used for freight transportation.
  10. Constructing the seasonal housing or uninhabited premises like a workshop building, garage, shed, temporary cottages.


  • Types OSB1/OSB2/OSB3/OSB4
  • Thickness 8-25 mm
  • Lenght 2500 mm
  • Width 1250 mm

Delivery conditions:

Delivery by road dtransport on CIP and FCA

Containers 40 feet from the ports – Klaipeda, Riga

Exports to the countries:

  • EEC (Belgium, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and others.)
  • Africa and Asia: China, Egypt, Korea, India, Vietnam and others.
  • CIS: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and others.
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