Glued furniture board

We produce and sell glued (furniture) board of deciduous and coniferous species of wood – oak, pine, alder.

The manufacturing process is carried out in strict accordance with all the requirements.

Our furniture panels have good resistance to moisture. The material is quite aesthetic. We use technology can preserve the texture and surface texture. In addition, we provide protection against thermal strains and further cracking.

We produce furniture panels made of natural wood, or rather from the whole, spliced slats. Furniture shield is a natural, environmentally friendly material.

Length 1500-2500 mm
Width 180-1000 mm
Thickness 18-60 mm
Sort: А/В/АВ/ВВ

Delivery conditions:

Delivery by road dtransport on CIP and FCA

Containers 40 feet from the ports – Klaipeda, Riga

Exports to the countries:

  • EEC(Belgium, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and others.)
  • Africa and Asia: China, Egypt, Korea, India, Vietnam and others.
  • CIS: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and others.
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